“nano-metric is an R&D knowledge based company aimed in advancement of instruments in the field of the surface & interfacial characterization and application


“nano-metric” advanced instruments company is a family owned and managed company, founded year 2004. The company was established based on the previous over 30 years of experiences and abilities of the founder of the company in the area of adsorption and catalysts materials and related science and technology. The original idea of establishing company by Dr.  M.M. Akbarnejad was to develop and to supply Know-how and technology regarding manufacture of material mainly in the field of resistive and conductive advance materials. Later however the activities were extended and new branch of activity established in order to manufacture hi-tech equipment and instrumentation in the field of surface & interfacial science. New branch was mainly established in order to maintain a continuous income for the company. At present however   we are recognized as the Iran’s leading surface science equipment manufacturer and trusted test instrumentation provider for the R&D and industrial organizations. 

Nanometric Instruments Company is dedicated to learn more and participate in the Development of the advance equipment for the characterization of interface properties. Special efforts are needed and is in progress in different categories including;
  • Basic and applied research,
  • Method development,
  • Product development and
  • Quality control
The company’s main goal is to participate effectively for advancement of methods and equipment for better characterization of interfacial phenomena

Field of activities :

“nano-metric is an R&D knowledge based company aimed in advancement of test instruments in the field of the surface science and technology.

Main Products

We manufacture and supply a range of innovative equipment for

  • monolayer formation in interface
  • molecular assembling and related applications
  • liquid surface characterization equipment
  • related equipment and instruments for solid surface
  • characterization in the pharmaceutical industry

We constantly upgrade our products to meet the international standards.

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