Interfacial Phenomena

The “Fluid fishbone” formed by the collision of two jets of a glycerine-water solution. (Image courtesy of John W. M. Bush and Alexander E. Hasha.)


Prof. John W. M. Bush

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Fall 2010



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pdf 1.Introduction-Notation Suggested References
123 KB
pdf 2.Definition and Scaling of Surface Tension Governing Equations
285 KB
pdf 3.Wetting Puddles. What sets their size
123 KB
pdf 4.Young's Law with Applications Development of Interfacial Flow, Drop motion within a fluid
197 KB
pdf 5.Stress Boundary Conditions at a fluid-fluid interface, Fluid Statics
326 KB
pdf 6.More on Fluid Statics Capillary forces on floating bodies
163 KB
pdf 7.Spinning, Tumbling and Rolling Drops Rotating Drops
259 KB
pdf 8.Capillary Rise Historical Notes, Dynamics
233 KB
pdf 9.Marangoni Flows Thermal Marangoni Convection
847 KB
pdf 10.Marangoni Flows II Tears of Wine, Bubble motion, Footprint of a Whale,
597 KB
pdf 11.Fluid Jets Plateau-Rayleigh Instability - Fluid Pipes
407 KB
pdf 12.Instability Dynamics Fluid Coating on a Fiber – Rupture of a Soap Film
253 KB
pdf 13.Fluid Sheets shape and stability, Circular Sheet, Lenticular sheets Swirling Water Bell
489 KB
pdf 14.Instability of Superposed Fluids Rayleigh-Taylor Instability -Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
190 KB
pdf 15.Contact Angle Hysteresis, Wetting of Textured Solids Wetting of textured solids -Wetting of a Rough Surface
267 KB
pdf 16.More Forced Wetting Hydrophobic Case -Landau-Levich-Derjaguin
337 KB
pdf 17.Coating Dynamic Contact Lines Fiber Coating -Contact Line Dynamics
565 KB
pdf 18.Spreading of small drops on solids.Immiscible Drops -Oil Spill -Oil on water
346 KB
pdf 19.Water Waves Gravity waves . Capillary Waves
189 KB